Guy Cribb INtuition Courses are the highest quality windsurfing trips on the planet, exclusively visiting the worlds very best destinations at just the right time of year to guarantee perfection. Here's a selection of our regular destinations. 

Jeri, Brazil windsurfing course
Destination:     Jeri, Brazil
Course Level:  Freeride & Freewave
Morocco windsurfing course
Destination:     Essaouira, Morocco
Course Level:  Freewave
Brandon Bay, Ireland windsurfing course
Destination:     Brandon Bay, Ireland
Course Level:  Freewave & Surf Gods
Dahab, Egypt windsurfing course
Destination:     Dahab, Egypt
Course Level:  Freeride
Prasonisi, Greece windsurfing course
Destination:     Prasonisi, Greece
Course Level:  Freeride
Hawaii windsurfing course
Destination:     Maui, Hawaii
Course Level:  Surf Gods
Bonaire windsurfing course
Destination:     Bonaire, Caribbean
Course Level:  Freeride
UK windsurfing courses
Destination:     UK
Course Level:  
Freeride & Freewave & Surf Gods
Australia  windsurfing course
Destination:     Western Australia
Course Level:  Freeride & Freewave & Surf Gods
Mouley, Morocco windsurfing courses
Destination:     Mouley, Morocco
Course Level:  Surf Gods
Margarita, Venezeula windsurfing course
Destination:     Margarita, Venezuela
Course Level:  Freeride
Baja  windsurfing course
Destination:     Baja, Mexico
Course Level:  Freewave & Surf Gods
Alacati windsurfing course
Destination:     Alacati, Turkey
Course Level:  Freeride
Texas Windsurfing Course
Destination:     Corpus Christi, Texas
Course Level:  Freeride
20180111Perth, AustraliaFR13-28 Jan'19
20180217Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil16-26 Mar '19
20180421EssaouiraFW18-27 April'19
20180505HawaiiSurf Gods06-20 May'19
20180616PrasonisiFR01-09 June '19
20180623PrasonisiFR09-22 June'19
20180707PrasonisiFR31 Aug 06 Sept'19
20180901Brandon BayFW28 Sept 06 Oct'19
20181013AustraliaSurf Gods26 Oct-06 Nob '19
20181110BrazilFR16-30 Nov'19

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