Courses/What?/Freewave (intermediates to advanced)

To empower you with the skills and confidence to sail on the sea in the roughest conditions, enjoy the thrill of catching and riding waves and master controlled jumping, to transform you from an advanced windsurfer into a radical wave sailor, so that you can freely enjoy wave sailing and handle all weather and sea conditions. This is your ticket to make a life changing experience!


Course Content
Rough water/ coastal /wave sailing with INtuition's Damage limitation (how to prevent injury or breaking kit), getting over waves, catching and riding waves, safe zones, jumping, stance, tuning, gybing, tacking, upwind, acceleration, wave sailing game plan, speed sailing and more.

Other likely course content:
Faster waterstarting, smoother footstrapping, freestyle, surfing.

Essauorai, Morocco
Jeri, Brazil
Brandon Bay, Ireland
Maui, Hawaii

Minimum Standard
Blasting comfortably in both footstraps most of the time (back one can still prove tricky), experience on boards under 130 litres volume, sailing experience in winds over force six, basic gybing skills- getting round occasionally, but no need to be pretty!


There's no safer and faster way of getting into wave sailing than on this course, specifically arranged with particular venues to provide you with just the right ingredients to make huge progress and experience the ultimate form of windsurfing; wave sailing. This is your ticket to a different life!

20180111Perth, AustraliaFR13-28 Jan'19
20180217Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil16-26 Mar '19
20180421EssaouiraFW18-27 April'19
20180505HawaiiSurf Gods06-20 May'19
20180616PrasonisiFR01-09 June '19
20180623PrasonisiFR09-22 June'19
20180707PrasonisiFR31 Aug 06 Sept'19
20180901Brandon BayFW28 Sept 06 Oct'19
20181013AustraliaSurf Gods26 Oct-06 Nob '19
20181110BrazilFR16-30 Nov'19

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