Brazil, Jericoacoara Nov 26- Dec 10
Posted On:  01/11/2011 22:23:42

The ultimate windsurfing trip on earth? Certainly last year the INtuition course was the best one of the year- please check out the latest  INtuition Jeri video here- only recently released- or if you've not seen it, the Four Dimensions Spoof we made out there that's had over 20,000 views online (which is not just the INtuition actors.)

We visit Jeri in style staying at the very best accommodation in town, sailing from a private windsurf centre which we have total freedom at- with no fighting over kit, sailing in the best area at Jeri known to the locals as Heaven- away from all the crowds, with trips to the flat water lagoons to perfect carve gybing and planing exits, and daily coaching, video analysis and all the trimmings you can expect from the unique INtutiion experience. There simply is no better way to experience Jeri- the best hotel, coaching, windsurfing and all the extras.  All enquires to

20180111Perth, AustraliaFR11-13 Jan'18
20180114Geraldton, AustraliaFW14-17 Jan'18
20180118Sydney, AustraliaFR18-20 Jan'18
20180121 Geroa, AustraliaFW21-23 Jan'18
20180125Inverloch, AustraliaFR25-28 Jan'18
20180217Bonaire, AustraliaFW and Foil17 Feb '18 - 03 Mar '18
20180421EssaouiraFW22-28 April'18
20180505HawaiiFW and Surf Gods05-19 May'18
20180616PrasonisiFR16 June '18
20180623PrasonisiFR23 June'18
20180707PrasonisiFR07 Jul '18
20180714PrasonisiFR14 July'18
20180901PrasonisiFR01 Sept'18
20181013AustraliaSurf Gods13-26 Oct '18
20181110BrazilFR10 Nov'18

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