Posted On:  03/08/2011 01:10:49

Good news everyone! We have a 5th man seat in an Extreme 40 to give away to a GC INtuition Facebook fan this week! The 5th man seat is available during Cowes Week from August 6-9. Money cant buy an experience like this - riding on board an Extreme 40 at 35 knots in a race during the Extreme Sailing Series- it's sailing's equivalent to a Formula One car having a passenger seat.

Competition rules- please 'like' my new Guy Cribb Windsurfing INtuition Facebook page, and tell your friends to click 'like' too. At lunchtime on Friday August 5th, Rocco (5 yrs old) will choose a photo from the list of fans and they'll be the winner. If they cant make it, the next best pic and so on. That pic/ person will win a ride in an Extreme 40 and have all the associated VIP treatment from the ESS and INtuition.

This, in case you hadnt noticed, is an experiment in social media marketing. Please play along even if you cant make it, as one of your friends probably can. Many thanks!

(if you're browser is enabled you can  'like' Guy's fan page by clicking on the link below:


20170105Perth, AustraliaFR5-7 Jan'17
20170108Geraldton, AustraliaFW + SG8-11 Jan'17
20170112Jarvis Bay, AustraliaFR12-14 Jan'17
20170115 Geroa, AustraliaFR15-17 Jan'17
20170121Inverloch, AustraliaFR21 Jan'17
20170122Torquay, AustraliaFW + SG22-24 Jan'17
20170318TexasFR18 March'17
20170422EssaouiraFW22-25 April'17
20170426EssaouiraFW26-29 April'17
20170506HawaiiSurf Gods06 May'17
20170604PrasonisiFR04 June '17
20170611PrasonisiFR11 June'17
20170702PrasonisiFR02 Jul '17
20170709PrasonisiFR07 July'17
20170903PrasonisiFR07 Sept'17
20170913PeruSurf Gods13 Sept'17
20171009AustraliaSurf Gods09 Oct '17
20171104BrazilFR04 Nov'17
20171111Brazil Wind700FW11 Nov'17
20171118BrazilFW18 Nov'17

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