Dahab- Peoples Popular Windsurfing Front of Dahab! Feb / March 2011
Posted On:  10/04/2011 16:03:32

As Egypt's political unrest was blown out of all proportion in the world's press, the fully booked INtuition courses starting loosing guests- fateful e-mails poured in from all over the world from guests who's flights had been prematurely cancelled- Swedes, Germans, Americans, Danish, Dutch- everyone but the Brits were losing their flights! By the time we got into Dahab, ONLY people flying from the UK were able to join us, with the exception of the very persevering Stephan from Munich who despite having two flights cancelled managed to secure a third to score the best windsurfing of his life.

20180111Perth, AustraliaFR13-28 Jan'19
20180217Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil16-26 Mar '19
20180421EssaouiraFW18-27 April'19
20180505HawaiiSurf Gods06-20 May'19
20180616PrasonisiFR01-09 June '19
20180623PrasonisiFR09-22 June'19
20180707PrasonisiFR31 Aug 06 Sept'19
20180901Brandon BayFW28 Sept 06 Oct'19
20181013AustraliaSurf Gods26 Oct-06 Nob '19
20181110BrazilFR16-30 Nov'19

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