Posted On:  19/08/2010 17:15:05

One of the world's greatest windsurfing destinations, Brandon Bay on the west coast of Ireland, is the venue of the first of INtuition's autumn Entry Level Wave Sailing and Surf Gods clinics. Both weeks are now almost fully booked. There is one place free for Oct 2-9 and 3 places for Oct 9-16. The courses will be primarily on wave sailing but also on learning to surf, or improve your surfing, with boards provided where necessary. I cant wait to deliver another course and share so many specialities out there, knowing the venue so well having lived there for seven years in the 90's. The Swansea Cork Ferry is back on which means eight days on the water and minimal driving to reach this stunning destination. If you want to combine an alternative tour guide to the area with the best wave sailing coaching, then here's your opportunity to experience Ireland. Please email me for full INfo and try to grab one of the last places!

20170105Perth, AustraliaFR5-7 Jan'17
20170108Geraldton, AustraliaFW + SG8-11 Jan'17
20170112Jarvis Bay, AustraliaFR12-14 Jan'17
20170115 Geroa, AustraliaFR15-17 Jan'17
20170121Inverloch, AustraliaFR21 Jan'17
20170122Torquay, AustraliaFW + SG22-24 Jan'17
20170318TexasFR18 March'17
20170422EssaouiraFW22-25 April'17
20170426EssaouiraFW26-29 April'17
20170506HawaiiSurf Gods06 May'17
20170604PrasonisiFR04 June '17
20170611PrasonisiFR11 June'17
20170702PrasonisiFR02 Jul '17
20170709PrasonisiFR07 July'17
20170903PrasonisiFR07 Sept'17
20170913PeruSurf Gods13 Sept'17
20171009AustraliaSurf Gods09 Oct '17
20171104BrazilFR04 Nov'17
20171111Brazil Wind700FW11 Nov'17
20171118BrazilFW18 Nov'17

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