INtuition Freeride course- Prasonisi, Greece- July 3-10 and 10-17
Posted On:  19/04/2010 22:36:20
Prasonisi is your final chance to join INtuition and crack your gybes, waterstarts or footstraps this summer- there is very limited availability and my next Freeride courses are not until November as I have lots of entry level wave sailing courses arranged in the autumn, so if you're thinking of joining me, please drop me an email asap and I can give you the full info. 
Prasonisi was a new venue for INtuition last year and we absolutely scored it- fantastic flat water conditions and non stop wind, awesome location, and staying in the nearby Greek village of Katavia was the icing on the cake, loving the finest local foods. I hope you can join us this year and radically improve all your windsurfing skills!
More info here and last years photo gallery here.
Email for more info.
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