Cribb wins The 'Club Vass' Round Hayling Island Marathon.
Posted On:  19/04/2010 22:34:20
110 windsurfers set off around the legendary Round Hayling Island race, the birth place of UK windsurfing and one of the biggest events of the year. The mass start was an incredible sight, but was quickly followed by total carnage. A forty knot storm kicked in literally flattening most of the riders as one by one they were catapulted, hung, drawn and quartered.
Only nine of us finished this long distance race circumnavigating Hayling Island, with myself winning the race in 1 hour 8 mins, and the next sailors not finishing for nearly 30 minutes, so something was going very well for me- my brand new Fanatic Falcons and North Warp sails perhaps- straight out of the wrapping and onto the race course!
I've worked with many of you reading this enews at INtuition's various windsurfing courses around the world, but very few of you will of seen me catapult. So you'll be pleased to hear I fully catapulted five times in the squalls, and since I was on my 8m in 44 knot guests, you can imagine they were pretty horrific crashes! Wish you could of seen them!
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