Cribb wins British Slalom Association Championships!
Posted On:  19/04/2010 22:32:00
Fresh from the triumph around Hayling Island, I entered the first round of the national slalom racing series in the UK, held in Wales over Easter. It was this racing circuit I used to do well in nearly twenty years ago when I was winning plenty of national championships before I developed INtuition.
With my new Fanatic Falcon slalom boards and North Warp race sails straight out of the bag- used only once at Hayling, I won the first three races outright, showing the youngsters that experience counts more than vitality!
After five elimination rounds of slalom racing last years champ Matt Pearch, regular Professional World Tour racer and former champ Ant Baker took second and third places respectively making it a one, two, three for the Fanatic North team.
I have not been able to compete on the racing circuit for many years due to my coaching commitments and unfortunately this year can only compete at one other event due to my busy schedule. But will continue to take my slalom gear on my coaching courses for you all to try- literally the fastest windsurfing gear available!
Also I continue to run slalom coaching sessions in the summer in the UK on windy forecasts. So if you want to improve your speed, gibing, tuning or tactics, please join the UK's most experienced coach, former National Racing Coach and current UK Slalom Championships tour leader, yours truly.
20180111Perth, AustraliaFR11-13 Jan'18
20180114Geraldton, AustraliaFW14-17 Jan'18
20180118Sydney, AustraliaFR18-20 Jan'18
20180121 Geroa, AustraliaFW21-23 Jan'18
20180125Inverloch, AustraliaFR25-28 Jan'18
20180217Bonaire, AustraliaFW and Foil17 Feb '18 - 03 Mar '18
20180421EssaouiraFW22-28 April'18
20180505HawaiiFW and Surf Gods05-19 May'18
20180616PrasonisiFR16 June '18
20180623PrasonisiFR23 June'18
20180707PrasonisiFR07 Jul '18
20180714PrasonisiFR14 July'18
20180901PrasonisiFR01 Sept'18
20181013AustraliaSurf Gods13-26 Oct '18
20181110BrazilFR10 Nov'18

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