Crack the carve gybe and waterstarts in the Red Sea
Posted On:  25/04/2009 10:21:29

May 24 – 31 and May 31- June 7
There are still a few places left for the INtuition clinics in the perfect turquoise waters of Ras Sudr and Dahab. With some great travel agent deals around at the moment we’re able to offer a reduction to the original advertised price, so please call Planet for info asap!
Ras Sudr- At this windy Red Sea venue the warm, flat, shallow water is the perfect place to master waterstarting and improve your all round skills including carve gibing, speed with control, tacking, tuning and everything windsurfing. Planet- 0870 749 1959

20170105Perth, AustraliaFR5-7 Jan'17
20170108Geraldton, AustraliaFW + SG8-11 Jan'17
20170112Jarvis Bay, AustraliaFR12-14 Jan'17
20170115 Geroa, AustraliaFR15-17 Jan'17
20170121Inverloch, AustraliaFR21 Jan'17
20170122Torquay, AustraliaFW + SG22-24 Jan'17
20170318TexasFR18 March'17
20170422EssaouiraFW22-25 April'17
20170426EssaouiraFW26-29 April'17
20170506HawaiiSurf Gods06 May'17
20170604PrasonisiFR04 June '17
20170611PrasonisiFR11 June'17
20170702PrasonisiFR02 Jul '17
20170709PrasonisiFR07 July'17
20170903PrasonisiFR07 Sept'17
20170913PeruSurf Gods13 Sept'17
20171009AustraliaSurf Gods09 Oct '17
20171104BrazilFR04 Nov'17
20171111Brazil Wind700FW11 Nov'17
20171118BrazilFW18 Nov'17

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