Prasonisi Perfection
Posted On:  08/07/2011 10:14:06

INtuition held two dream weeks back-to-back in Greece's best flat water destination in June- scoring perfect coaching conditions with12 days out of 14 of full planing! As usual we stayed in the nearby village of Katavia to ensure we have the best local Greek food and hospitality making the social aspect of the trip simply epic.

We all ate enough to sink a 200 litre board, but we worked so hard during the day we burned it all off! Nailing carve gybes, footstrapping, waterstarts- all the big needs we have were filled and then some more.

Guy, finally got over the fatigue from the two fantastic weeks we had with you. Massive thanks for all your efforts both on the water and off, we had an absolute blast, world class as usual, T.A. UK

Huge thanks to everyone for joining me out there in the endless sun and wind. I'd write more but I'm going back out there tomorrow for another two weeks with guests as Prasonisi is just perfection for INtuition. We frequent the best restaurants, we have perfect service everywhere we go and in everything we do. The highest quality coaching and trip imaginable! Hope you can join us in 2012!


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