Kids Camp
Posted On:  19/08/2010 17:42:17

We had a cracking INtuition Kids Camp in Poole Harbour recently- graced with wind every day! The venue was unique and provided secluded windsurfing for aspiring youngsters, who all did so well. It's incredible how fast they learn- it's like working with really high end windsurfers, as the kids just watch and learn in a flash. We also experienced one of the world's greatest ropes courses, the fear was horrific- especially for the parents, and me, as we climbed 60ft high climbing frames and relied on each other to save us! The camp fires and BBQs at such an incredible location were fantastic so we all had an awesome weekend, roll on 2011 and more kids camps, and many thanks to all the kids who joined us this year!

20200102AustraliaFR, FW & Foil02-21 Jan'20
20200201FuerteventuraFoil Surf and Tow In Surfing course 01-08 feb'2020
20200308Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil08-22 Mar'20
20200425HawaiiSurf Gods25 April -09 May'19
20200525PrasonisiFR &Foil25-31 May'20
20200531PrasonisiFR &Foil31 May- 06 June'20
20200627PrasonisiFR & Foil27 June-04 July'20
20200704PrasonisiFR & Foil04-11 July'20
20200803UK & EuropeFR & FoilAug'20
20200905PrasonisiFR & Foil05-12 Sep'20
20201003Brandon BayFW03-10 Oct'30
20201114BrazilFR14-28 Nov'20
2020411EssaouiraFW11-18 April'20
2020726Poole, UKKids Camp, FR & Foil26 July-02 Aug'20

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